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    What We Bring To The Table

                                         There are numerous reasons why we are rated one of the best metal roofing company in Chattanooga.

                                                                                              Here is a glimpse of what we bring to the table. 

    Best Quality Roofing

    Chattanooga Metal Roofing Services is committed to meeting the highest-quality roofing standards without compromising our safety and culture.


    Metal Roofing Chattanooga TN boasts the workforce, machines, and equipment to complete your dream roofing projects at the agreed time.


    Our professional metal roofers are the best in the industry. They boast many years of experience, training, and industry-specific certifications.

    Metal Roofing Chattanooga.


    As a leading metal roofing company based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we have successfully executed tons of projects in and around the state.  Metal Roofing Chattanooga Tennessee, has a proven track record of:

    Choose Your Metal Roofing Material

    Copper Roof​ing

    Copper Roof

    Do you prefer copper metal roofing material? We have the best quality products and professionals to execute the installation. Copper roofing sheets boast quite a low melting point and are extremely long-lasting. Copper roofs are also recyclable, making them the ideal green roof option.

    Aluminum Roof​ing

    Aluminum Roof

    Do you prefer aluminum roofing sheets? We have the best quality aluminum roofs and personnel to execute the installation. Aluminum sheets tend to resist salt corrosion much better than other roofing materials; hence, they are used in coastal climates. They also last longer.

    Zinc Roof​ing

    Zinc Roof

    Do you prefer zinc metal roofing sheets? We have the highest quality zinc roofs and personnel to install them for you. Zinc roofs are also durable and resistant to corrosion. Due to their ability to be easily formed or manipulated into various shapes, Zinc roofs are a favorite for many commercial projects.

    We Have All You Need

    We Deliver As Promised

    Besides Copper, Aluminum, and Zinc, we also deliver Tin and Steel metal roofs. We install metal roofs for residential buildings, commercial buildings, churches, fire fighting, and agricultural buildings, and any buildings you would like to have roofed. Get in touch to get a quote that is most suitable for your building and budget. You can send your drawings to use to get a quote or let our team of experts work on a unique design for your new home. We have everything needed to execute your roofing project perfectly. We have the manpower, tools, and the right materials to provide your dreamed metal roofs for your amazing home.  

    Metal Roofing TN
    Do You Have A Specific Roof Design in mind?​
    Do You Need Roof Design Suggestions?

    Do You Have A Specific Roof Design in mind?

    Being a good roofer doesn’t stop at installing every sheet of the roof over a building. One must be able to deliver the needed design or create something more unique. Our roofers are experienced and blessed with such a gift. By merely looking at your building or construction plan, they can create a stunning roof design out of the blue. So what are you waiting for? Get started right away. Even if your new home is not yet ready for roofing, you can still engage us on your upcoming roofing project. We are looking forward to working with you. With our expertise in metal roofing, we will install your roof in a way that will transform the look of your home. In a nutshell, we will make your metal roof in Chattanooga TN the envy of your neighbors, visitors, and passersby. 

    What’s Your Project Size?

    What’s Your Budget?

    One of the reasons our metal roofing in Chattanooga TN, is considered the best is not just the quality or creativity we put into our roof installations. It’s the fact that the project size doesn’t matter. We give equal attention to large and small-sized roof installations. We haven’t, and we would never compromise on quality.

    When you ask most people why they are not using a metal room, many would say it is because of the initial cost. Yet, they go for other roofing materials that would soon need a replacement. When you weigh up the cost of repairs, complete replacement, or increase in energy bills from other roofing materials, you will understand why metal roofing is worth every penny. And at Chattanooga, we do not only provide professional metal roofing installations. We ensure that you get the right materials and roofing style for your budget.

    We like to carry our clients along. So rest assured that you will get accurate information regarding the cost of the roofing materials and everything other things that follow. We will ensure you get details of your roofing project every step of the way, even if you’re far away at work or have other commitments. 

    Tennessee Metal Roofing

    Our Unique Services

    Roof Repair Services

    Is your roof leaking because of the damage caused by falling debris or a tree? Let’s help fix the leakage right away.

    Flat Roof Installation And Repair Services

    Who better to repair or install your flat metal roof than Metal Roofing Chattanooga TN? We repair, install, and replace all kinds of flat roofs.

    Eaves troughs And Downspout Services

    Prevent your foundation from damages by channeling the water from your roof properly. At Metal Roofing Chattanooga, we install, repair, and clean eaves troughs and downspout.

    Skylight Repair and Installation Services

    Skylight installation on a metal roof is possible. But it would help if you had an expert for such highly-delicate projects. Impressively, Metal Roofing Chattanooga is an expert in this field.

    Metal Roofing Sheets Distribution

    Even if you’re hiring another roofer for your project, we can still work with you. We can supply you with quality roofing sheets. Order now or get expert advice from us.

    Free Site Survey

    We offer free initial surveys with concise and clear quotes specifically tailored to every chosen project.


    With over 20 years of combined experience and more than 520 successfully executed projects in

    Chattanooga, TN, we possess the knowledge and skills to serve you better.

    Having a house built from scratch is not easy. It requires tremendous financial commitment, time, and patience. So don’t cut corners when it gets to the roofing of your new home. Use the best roofing company in the whole of Chattanooga.  

    At Metal Roofing Company Chattanooga TN, we give your house the best metal roof installation possible. We know you have a budget, and we’re here to assist you in any possible way we can. Our metal roof installations are of superior quality, captivating, and long-lasting. So come, let’s make your dream home complete by installing the best metal roof design there is in your neighborhood. 

    Choose Your Metal Roofing Design

    We allow our clients to make decisions involving their roofing project. We can also take matters into our own hands. Our top priority is to see that your roof is correctly installed. We also care about meeting your metal roofing design needs. So, if you want your metal roof to look uniquely designed, Chattanooga metal roofing company has got you covered. Our team of experienced roofers has a reputation for creating roofing designs that are out of this world. So we can create a unique design for you from scratch. But if you have a roof design in mind, we would be glad to work with your design option.

    Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

    As a leading metal roofing Chattanooga company, we let our work do the talking. Since inception, we have completed tons of metal roofing projects, and none of our customers has had cause to complain. Instead, we keep getting recommendations and positive feedback from our loyal clients. These things bring joy to our faces. So we have vowed to continue exceeding our clients’ expectations on any metal roofing project assigned to us. For us at Chattanooga Metal Roofing Company, it’s 100% customer satisfaction and nothing less. We always use the best roofers, tools, and materials. And that has been the hallmark of our success in the roofing industry thus far.

    Why Choose Metal Roofing?

    Why Choose Metal Roofing Chattanooga?​

    It’s not just in Chattanooga TN; it’s happening all over the country. Homeowners are starting to embrace metal roofs en masse because of their benefits. Here’s what you stand to gain by choosing metal roofing. 

    • Increased Home Resale Value:

    If you have plans to resell your house in the future, installing a metal roof now will be a wise investment decision. Every experienced estate agent knows the impact of metal roofs when re-evaluating a home. Metal roofing increases any home’s resale value by up to 6%. So, forget the cost of installing a metal roof now. When the time comes to sell your property, you’ll recoup even up to 95% of what you’re investing now on your metal roofs.

    • High Durability:

    In terms of durability, metal roofs score high on the roofing longevity spectrum. Metal and steel roofs boast a lifespan of between 50 to 70 years. And with proper maintenance, your metal roofs could even last a bit longer than this. On the contrary, even with proper care, you may get a meager 20 to 30 years from other roofing sheets if you’re so lucky.  

    • Fire-safe:

    No one wishes to find their homes covered in flames. But that won’t rase the fact that these things happen. Every homeowner needs to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. And that said, having an extra layer of security in a home would be a good idea. That’s what metal roofing sheets provide.  

    Metal roofing sheets are non-combustible. They only suffer damage from fire outbreaks depending on how hot or how long the fire burns. So, if you want to provide that extra layer of security to your home, choose steel or other metal roofs. These are more fire-safe than other roofing materials on the market. 

    • Energy-efficient:

       With the cost of living rising, people are seeking ways to cut down on their expenses. Having a metal roof installed can lower your energy bill immensely. However, some may argue that metal roofs are a bit pricey. But when you weigh up metal roofs’ longevity and how much you would save in energy cost for the next 50 to 70 years your roof would last, you would see that you’re getting great value for your money. 

    So, if you want to lower your energy bill, install metal roofs. They are a better option than any other roofing material out there. Copper roofs installed with adequate treatment, coating, insulation, and fastener, reflects the sun effectively. With that, the amount spent to keep your home cool and warm during summer and winter respectively will be lower. 

    • Easy maintenance:

    It’s challenging to find metal roofs rusting. These things only happen when the roofer didn’t install the old roof properly. Technological advancement has changed a lot of things, including making metal roof maintenance a breeze. 

    Sealant technology and paint coating materials have all advanced. And the team at Chattanooga Metal Roofing Company TN is ready to give your roof the maintenance needed to extend its lifespan. 

    Metal Roofing Chattanooga pays close attention to details when installing, insulating, or sealing our roofs. We pay close attention to the valleys, ridges, and flash to ensure there are no leakages after installation and ensure your metal roof lasts a bit longer.  

    Skilled Metal roofers

    Our Skilled Roofers Are Waiting To Hear From You

                                                                                                                                      To enjoy all the benefits metal roofs bring, you need well-trained and experienced roofers to handle your metal roof installation. Installing a metal roof might look simple from the outside. But only those in the field know how highly technical and sensitive the process can be. 

    So, hire the best hands for your metal roofing installations and repair. And at Chattanooga Metal Roofing Company, we repair and install all things metal roofs.