Privacy Policy

Metal Roofing Chattanooga Tennessee is here to serve you. In addition to providing the needed metal roofing services, we are fully committed to protecting our esteemed users’ and visitors’ privacy, despite the fact that information provided by users is voluntarily done. 

We will never use your information for other purposes besides providing information on metal roofing sheets, our new or existing services, or facilitating your order (buying and or installing the metal roofing sheet). 

We may also provide your information to our members, metal roofing sheet manufacturers, for conducting a market survey. And in such a case, you consent will be needed. Once you agree to participate in the market survey, your information will be sent to the relevant third-party source to contact you directly.  

Metal Roofing Chattanooga and its electronic business provider collect and store the information you provide on this website. The information enables us to deliver improved services to our esteemed users. But if you desire to stop receiving our newsletter or other information via email, you can hit the unsubscribe button. 

Metal roofing understands the importance of maintaining strong cybersecurity and would do everything possible to protect the information you provide online. But please note that there is a possibility that other individuals you don’t know may attempt to collect your information. MRC will do it’s very best to protect your data but cannot guarantee the safety of information provided online.  

This website might contain links to third-party sources with a different privacy policy, among others. MRC is not responsible for the content, information, links, policies, and decisions of these third-party sources and urges you to read the privacy policy, terms, and conditions, among others before using their services. 

The Metal Roofing Chattanooga may only release personal information of users whenever we believe that it (i) complies with the law, (ii) enforces the terms of any of our written user-agreement (iii) protects the property, safety, and rights of Metal Roofing Chattanooga, our users, including others.