Can You Walk On A Metal Roof?

You can indeed walk on metal roofs, but it all depends on how you walk on it and the style of roofing installation.

You can easily walk the standing seam metal roof on without causing any damage, but they can be slippery and steep, which means you need to exercise some care to avoid slipping down. It would be best if you were sure of underneath, supporting the roof metal and how the meal is attached to the roof deck. The following things are essential guide to walking on a metal roof.

Walking On Metal Roofs As Compared To Other Roofing Materials

Your metal roof’s integrity is essential; hence your first step is to get a top-quality Chattanooga Tennessee Metal Roofing Service to have a guaranteed metal roofing service you can trust.

It is best to avoid walking on your metal roof for safety reasons, even if the risks of falling are low. One of the roofing myths we have known for years is that it is impossible to walk across a metal roof.

This rumor might have come from individuals who tried to walk on other types of roofing materials. For instance, it can damage clay or concrete roofing materials if you walk across them, and similarly, asphalt roof materials may wear out quickly after persistent human traffic. Metal roofing does not suffer under human traffic like asphalt, clay, and concrete roofs.

You can walk on metal roofing upon, but homeowners should only walk on them when necessary. If a contractor has to walk on your metal roof, they must practice all the required safety rules.

Though you can walk safely on a metal roof, you may end up leaving marks or scuffs on the finish or paint on the metal roof. Occasional or rare walking on your metal roof shouldn’t have a severe impact on the roof’s integrity and longevity.

Learn About Different Types Of Metal Roofing

You need to identify the different kinds of metals used for roofing to know how to walk on them without hurting their integrity. The four types are; standing seam roofing, metal tile roofing, Corrugated panels, and Metal shingles.

You may have to walk strategically on these types of metal roofing to avoid a fall.  He sanding seam roofing seem o be the safest type of all because it holds weight very well. You can walk on any spot on the metal roof without causing any damage. You still have to wear a rubberized shoe and observe all precautions when walking on the roof.

The metal tiles are metal roofs, but they are made to look like ceramics, shake, or any other tiling solution. These metal roofs are quite fragile; hence you should be careful when walking on them. Experts suggest you walk only on the lower spots, which are the roof’s deck, to avoid causing severe damage.

Corrugated panels are particular types of metal roofs that are usually screwed on the roof decking, and the roof decking area will be the best place or safes place to walk over.

Metal shingles are quite solid, but you still need to walk on its upper part where the shingle panel is located because it is the safest and least-susceptible to damage. Metal shingles can be easily damaged when you walk in the wrong spots.

To avoid causing damage to the weaker spots, you should request your roofer to install foam backers. The purpose of foam backers is to seal any air gap left open in the metal panels. Leaving air gaps un-sealed can cause bending and eventual damaging of the roof in the long run.

Polystyrene foam backers are preferable to the rest because they offer more rigidity and additional support, thus providing steady walkability on top of the metal roof.

Regardless of the type of metal roof you have, there is still a need to obey the manufacturer’s rules as regards use and maintenance. Doing this will help you prolong the roof’s life span even if you have to walk on it every now and then. Every roof type, whether metal or not, must be treated with some dignity. The cost of repairing certain roofs can be quite huge.

How TO Walk ON Your Metal Roof?

You need to check the brand name of the manufacturer of the metal roofing materials for specific information and warning about the roof. The best way to walk on your metal roof is to walk on the parts that are closest to the decking.

You should try as much as possible to avoid those ribs or laps. If you stick o this advice, you will avoid damaging the tiles and panels of the roof, on the long run. To avoid damaging the finishes, on the roof, you or a contractor must consider wearing rubber-sole shoes. You must also avoid grinding debris inside into the roofs.

If it is possible to gain access through the underside of the roof, especially through the attic or crawl spaces, you will be able to check the integrity of the rafters. You should stick to walking on the rafters if possible while avoiding the seams in roofing panels.

It is important to keep all safety rules on ladders and roofs in mind alongside other safety precautions.

Other Tips For Walking Safely On The Metal Roof

Metal roofs will stand up to many abuses compared to ceramic and other types of roofs. The truth is that you can still walk safely on a metal roof even after 30-50 years of installation.

Pay attention to the manufacturer’s suggestions on different kinds of metal roofing styles. For instance, can walk on a standing seam roofing just anywhere without causing any damage.

You should rather walk on the lower spots that are closer to the roof’s decking for the metal tile roofing with ribbed panels that look so much like ceramic tile or shake.

It is safe to walk on corrugated panels as long as they are screwed into the decking of the roof. It is also safer to walk on the lower region of these panels.

In the case of metal shingles, manufacturers recommend that you walk on the upper half of the shingle panel where there is a small space between the metal. If you believe there are areas that will be exposed to traffic repeatedly, you may want to consider adding some foam backers to the shingles to firm up those areas and make them strong to handle the human traffic.

Choose The Right Footwear To Walk On Your Roof

You need to wear proper shoes if you want to walk on your metal roof. The reason for choosing carefully your shoes is that metal roofs are more slippery than other types of roofs. The soft-sole rubber bottom shoes are mostly preferred to walk safely on metal roofs.

You should find a shoe that feels somehow sticky on the metal roof, most especially on those hot days. These shoes should feel like they are gripping on the roof, thus reducing the pressure you are mounting on it by pressing it down.  Converse, skate shoes, tennis shoes are some of the preferable options with flat soles that offer good grip.

In addition to choosing shoes with fine-grip soles, you need clean shoes when you prepare to walk on your metal roof. Groove and some other kind of dirt can get suck in the sole of the shoes and those may end up scratching your roof.  Gravel may also interfere with traction under your feet while you are walking.

You must not ignore the value of good quality shoes for walking on your metal roof. Many professional roofers have been reported to fall fatally from metal roofs because they ignore simple rules like wearing proper shoes. If you are scared of height or afraid of walking on the roof, simply call professional roofers and say away from doing any repairs yourself.

Always Wait For A Clear Day To Walk On A Metal Roof

While dry metal roofs are quite safe to walk on, the metal roofs, on the other hand, can be very dangerous. Even professional roofers may have to postpone certain jobs until the weather is clear (for instance, when the likelihood of rain is low).

If you have to walk on a wet metal roof, you will need to have safety rope plus rubber footwear, hand gloves, safety glasses, anchors and safety harness.


You don’t just walk on your metal roof for fun; there has to be a genuine reason for doing so. If there are no faults for repairs, you should rather avoid walking or stepping on your roof. Allowing a professional roofer to handle your metal roof repair or remodeling is the best way to go.  The integrity of your metal roof will include the integrity of all other structural materials.

If the supporting elements of your roof are weak, then your metal roof may also become weak and may be susceptible to serious damages when you walk on it.

If you need help with metal roofing, please don’t hesitate to contact MTC right away.

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