How To Cut Corrugated Metal Roofing – A Guide

There are several ways to cut corrugated metal roof sheets, and these are the use of power tools like a circular saw, the use of a pair of snips, and the use of angle grinder. Each type of cutting method has its benefits, and they all help you achieve precision cut.

How To Cut Corrugated Metal With A Circular Saw

Wear your gloves before proceeding, and put on your welding mask. Place the corrugated metal sheet on a working surface area such as a sewing table. Make sure nothing blocks your saw blade, especially underneath the cutting line.

Unlock the blade guard, and make sure it is a sharp-toothed metal with the blade, designed for cutting metals. You may want to go for a diamond blade because it produces the cleanest cut. Brace the corrugated metal with your second hand and start cutting.

Hold the metal at least two feet from the saw, pull the trigger and make the first incision cut with the saw. Guide the saw slowly through the corrugated metal and allow the excess component to fall freely as you cut.  The circular saw cutting is best suited for cutting long lengths of straight-lined corrugated metal.

Cutting Corrugated Metal Sheets With Snips

Aviation slips are also referred to as compound or tin snips. They come in different shapes and sizes and are designed to cut through metal.

Since snips are color-coded, the yellow one is used for cutting straight lines while the green snips will cut to the left and red snips will cut right. Make sure you wear your thick gloves when cutting with snips. Hold one side of the metal with the other hand, which will help position it for cutting. Place the two blades of snips on the edge of the metal you want to cut.

Press and release snip simultaneously as you cut through. Release the handle o push the metal, and as you cut, lift the excess section of metal to create space for more cutting.

Using Angular Grinder To Cut Corrugated Metal Sheets

To use the angular grinder to cut a corrugated sheet, attach your diamond wheel to the angular grinder. Set the metal section you are cutting on the edge of the work surface, then tighten the grinder blade and put both hands on top of the angle grinder.

Hold the angle grinder at 45 degrees towards the corrugate metal sheet and turn it on. Push the grinder slowly across the path you are cutting until you complete the cutting. The benefit of using angular grinder is that it creates very smooth edges. It would help if you put the safety button on when using his device.


Make sure you choose the right type of metal cutter for your job because the final result of your cutting will largely depend on the type of cutting machine used. The smoother the blades or the smaller the space between blades, the smoother the cutting you will likely get. Also, the thicker the corrugated metal, the more pressure you need to apply when cutting.

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