How Much Does Metal Roofing Costs?

The costs of metal roofing will depend on several factors, including the prices of roofing materials, the roofing project’s size, and expenses of workmanship services provided by the roofer. Experts estimated the costs of metal roofing between $9,545 and $43,819. The price per sq. ft of metal roofing is estimated at $5-$22.

The Cost Of Metal Roofing Based On Type Of Metal

When it comes to metal roofing costs, the type of metal may also determine roofing costs. For instance, Copper metal roofing ted to be the costliest, with prices ranging from $1400 to $2200. This is followed by Tin metal roof, which costs between $325 and $1465.

The Zinc metal roof is next to the tin metal roof in costs, as it goes for between $565 and $1100. Aluminum roofs come next, with prices ranging from $325 to $575. Steel metal roofs can cost between $335 and $450, while Corrugated metal roofs can cost $180 and $250. A standing seam metal roof is the cheapest option, and it goes for between $40 and$120.

Metal Roofing And Maintenance

Part of the costs of metal roofing is maintenance, and it is essential to go for a lasting meal roof type with lower maintenance costs.

Ideally, you should coat your metal roof with galvanized zinc or a mixture of galvanized zinc and aluminum. It is believed that a mix of Aluminum and zinc coating on the metal roof will make your roof last longer than the one coated only with galvanized zinc. This situation also means that the maintenance costs of the metal roof coated with aluminum and zinc mix are lower than those coated only with zinc.

Thicker coatings will always make your metal roof last longer, even though it will cost a little more in the beginning. Regardless of the type of coating you use, exposure of your roof to environmental elements like wind, chemical rain, and excess sunshine will eventually deteriorate the coating, and that means you may need to recoat.

You don’t have to coat with expensive coating, even a polymer coating like Kynar is very popular and can make your metal roof work like new. To clean a metal roof with polymer coating, simply use a mild soap plus and apply a hose or pressure washer to clean the roof.  Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners like steel wool and wire brushes for cleaning metal roof because they can scratch and leave serious marks on the roof.


It is important to put quality ahead of costs when it comes to installing metal roofing. Quality materials will surely extend the life span of your metal roof, and the use of professional roofing service will also ensure that roofing errors are prevented. Errors unroofing handled by amateur roofers can speed up the deterioration of the roofing materials, and this can also increase the costs of maintenance in the long run. With proper handling of roofing angles and elevation, the professional roofer will consider a number of factors when completing a roofing project. Contact Metal Roofing Chattanooga to know more.

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