How wide is metal roofing sheets? Mini Guide to Roofing Sheet Measurements

Knowing the width of your metal roofing is essential before you hire professional roofers. It helps you have an accurate estimation of the size of roofing materials you will need for your complete roofing.

Metal roofing sheets should be 36″ wide, which is the standard width for sheets in the US. You will need to determine the overlap required so that each of the roofing sheets can conveniently rest on the adjacent sheet and avoid gaps within the roof. The roofing sheets can also vary based on the roof angle, climate, type of sheet ad exposure, and adverse weather conditions like the wind.

How To Calculate The Width Of Corrugated Metal Roof

Since a corrugated metal roof is one of the cheapest and most widely used types of metal roofs, it can be easier to work out this metal roof type’s width. The simplicity and strength of corrugated metal sheets make them widely acceptable for roofing. It is also widely available and comes with low-cost maintenance. It is available in different thicknesses and sizes.

Your metal sheets must overlap during installation to provide a continuous and watertight finishing. With watertight finishing and no gap, water, wind, and other adverse weather elements will not penetrate. It also ensures structural integrity of the roofing.

The overlap of your roofing sheet must be taken into consideration when measuring the width of your roofing sheet.  The first step is to measure the length and width of the area that requires roofing. You can get his measurement from the builder’s plan or stretch your tape along the roof’s structural components to obtain the length and width.

Record your values on length and width measurement and then add measurements at the edges of overlap before rounding up the dimensions in “feet measurement.” If, for instance, you measure 21″ by 10″ as length and width of the entire area and an additional overlap of 6″ x 1″ in length and width are required at both ends, then your final measurements will be 26″ x 11″ in length and width respectively. Multiply the length and width measurement of the roof to get your surface area.

Divide your total roof area measurement by the area of the single sheet, and you will know the total number of sheets you require for your roofing.


The width measurement formula for corrugate metal sheet roofing should also work for other types of metal roofing materials. The thickness of roofing material and some other factors may affect your readings but make sure you measure the overlap in mind o get an accurate measurement and reasonable estimates of the width and number of roofing sheets you need. Experts also suggest that you order 10% extra roofing sheets to cover up for your errors in measurements and damaged sheets. If you are in doubt of your measurement accuracies, contact professional roof installers or builders for assistance. Some of these experts may help you measure your roof’s width and estimate the total roof sheets you need a no extra fee.

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